We will refund or reship for lost orders if we receive a response within 8 weeks of the shipping date. Refunds or reshipment will not be considered if the issue is reported to us after eight weeks.

We will gladly replace any order that hasn’t been received, however on these conditions:

A further 7 days have been passed over the normal time of delivery since the date of the ship.

The shipping address that we have provided to us is accurate.

If you given us an incorrect address, we will charge you the correct order. If the original purchase has to be returned, we will contact you to provide refund information. The refund could take a few months because it is because the “return” postage has not been paid.

GenericVillage has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If, for some reason, the order we was delivered to by you has been damaged or in some way or you don’t get your package at all We will send you a different package. If you prefer us to provide an exchange, we’ll pay the full amount upon your request.

To facilitate this procedure, we’ll request that you allow us 30 business days after the day that the order was delivered. If, after 30 days, you haven’t received your order or even received any notification that your order has been cancelled or returned we would ask that you send us an inquiry in the section for refunds. We will handle all support requests promptly.

If you by any chance have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@genericvillage.net. GenericVillage is committed to satisfying every one of our customers.