Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy

GenericVillage is thought to be the most reliable pharmacy retailer that can guarantee the highest level of satisfaction to each customer. The company puts 100% of its efforts into every order made by any client, no matter what. The delivery of every product is guaranteed by us to ensure that it is delivered on time to the buyers. We endeavour to settle any cancellation, refund, or cancellation policies for orders.

There are a variety of reasons to cancel your order. The grounds include:

  • A limited number of units are available to purchase.
  • Stock is not available.
  • Issues discovered through our department of credit, fraud prevention department.

If for any reason, your order is not shipped or damaged in the shipping process. We’ll send you a replacement or provide you with a full refund, based on what you preference. If you receive an incomplete order we’ll offer you a full refund and only charge for the item that you received.

We need 30 days from the date your order was delivered. If, after 30 days, you haven’t received the order, or any notice that your order was put on hold or was returned to the shipper. Contact us. Therefore, we will take action upon your request as soon as possible.

Cancellation by the Customer

The cancellation policy of our store online is easy and you are able to cancel your purchase online. Contact our customer service whenever you want to cancel your order. If you cancel the order and if it is in compliance with all terms and terms of the cancellation policy You will receive a cancellation bill from us. After receiving our cancellation request, we’ll make the order null and void and pay the full amount of the purchase that is not yet completed. In accordance with the cancellation policies of our company, you won’t be capable of cancelling orders that have already been shipped out or processed by individuals. In some instances it can happen within 12 hours of the time the time you placed your order.


If the purchase was made by Credit Card, we will return you the Credit Card. If the method of payment is Check or Money purchase, we’ll send you a Check Money order back in the event that the money has not been paid. The Check/Money order will only be sent to the address that is the billing address of the buyer.

Typically, the process of refunding takes 10 days. However, in the case of payments made via Check or Money arrangement, it might take longer until the refund check is mailed to your billing address , and allow the funds to be added to your account after you have deposited the confirmation. Additionally, if a customer isn’t satisfied with the product or service, they can raise complaints against the item. It is possible because of the broad Refund policy.