Premature Ejaculation

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What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a sexual weakness in men. This type of sexual dysfunction always happens in a minute of vaginal penetration. Unable to hold the ejaculation whenever you come in contact with vaginal penetration can lead to physiological consequences like stress, anxiety, and frustration. This sometimes also led to ignorance in sexual intercourse. This often affects the sexual life of the man. 

Premature Ejaculation is divided into three categories: 

  • Premature Ejaculation sustains lifelong: The patient who is suffering from long-term PE has experienced it since the starting of coitus. 
  • Acquired Premature Ejaculation: In this case, a patient may experience PE after a certain age or period. Earlier, he was experiencing healthy relationships before the disorder. 
  • Anxiety due to bad performance: Psychogenic Ed is also a type of sexual disorder, which leads to Premature Ejaculation. It is also a psychological disorder.  

Symptoms of premature Ejaculation

Some of the common symptoms of Premature Ejaculation are: 

  • Decrease in the confidence level during sexual intercourse
  • Personal difficulty between partners
  • Mental distress
  • Anxiety
  • Embarrassment
  • Depression

There is physiological distress between men who are experiencing premature ejaculation. But a study found that their partners are less concerned about PE than the man who is suffering. 

What causes premature Ejaculation?

Several causes may lead to PE. Here we divide the reason into two types’ psychological cause and medical cause.

Psychological causes:

In most cases of PE, it is found that the main cause is psychological factors. This includes: 

  • Sexual inexperience
  • The issue with body posture
  • The novelty of a relationship
  • Overexcitement lead to too much stimulation
  • Stress in a relationship
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling inadequate or guilty for bad performance
  • Depression 
  • Issue related to intimacy

The psychological factors can affect men with PE who have normal ejaculation. They are called acquired PE. Nevertheless, sometimes-psychological factors also lead to lifelong PE. This can often cause early trauma such as: 

  • Upbringing in the strict sexual teaching
  • A traumatic experience in sex
  • Sometimes teenagers learn to ejaculate to avoid masturbating.

Medical cause: 

Medical factors are very rare but still there are some cases where medical history causes PE. Here is the list of some biological factors, which lead to Premature Ejaculation:      

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate disease
  • Thyroid
  • Illicit drug use
  • Excess alcohol consumption

Premature Ejaculation treatment

Psychological circumstances are the principal agent of Premature Ejaculation. If the problem is seen at the start of new sexual intercourse, then the problem is resolved as the relationship extends. However, if the situation stays for a long time, proper consultation with the doctor is necessary. They may recommend you to go for the proper therapist who is specialized in a sexual relationship. 

However, there is no officially licensed medication for Premature Ejaculation. Nevertheless, sometimes doctors prescribed antidepressants which were found helpful in delaying Ejaculation. A doctor will never prescribe any type of medicine before or diagnosing full sexual history. Drug treatment may adversely affect the patients and therefore a patient should discuss his medical history before any medication.

Home remedies: 

Two simple methods that can be helpful for a man suffering from Premature Ejaculation is: 

  • The start and stop method:  This is a method where a man can control his ejaculation. Both the man and his sexual partner can withdraw sexual stimulation at the point when a man senses that he is near to orgasm. Once the feeling subsides, they can resume their sexual intercourse.
  • The squeeze method: This is substantially similar to the above method, but the man tenderly squeezes the edge of his penis or his partner will assist him to do so for 30 seconds. then they can restart stimulation after a while.

Premature Ejaculation Medication

In many countries, Dapoxetine is use to treat primary and secondary conditions of PE. This is a fast-acting SSRI that is also permit to operate PE. However, before prescribing this medicine certain criteria must be met. It can only be use if

  • Vagina sex remain for less than two minutes before ejaculation
  • ejaculation currently happens after little sexual stimulation before and after initial penetration
  • Because of early ejaculation, there is intimate anguish or interpersonal enigmas.
  • There is poor control over ejaculation
  • Most cases during sexual interaction in the past eight months have involved premature ejaculation.

There are many side effects of Dapoxetine including diarrhea, dizziness, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Following Medicine are best for treat PE

Cenforce D | Super Fildena | Super Vidalista | Super P Force | Super Kamagra

Tropical drugs: 

Many topical therapies may be useful to the penis before sex with or without condoms. Some local anesthetic creams help in reducing stimulation. Some of the examples of topical drugs include lidocaine or Prelocain. This enhanced the total of time before ejaculation. However, longer use of this cream can result in loss of erection or numbness. Men may not accept the reduced impression created by cream and the impassiveness can affect the woman.

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